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Gecko Consulting – medical centres of the future

Medical Centres – Expertise In The Health Care System Of The Future

Rapidly growing health care costs and the ongoing development of new medical technology have given rise to a need for optimised organisational structures for Hospitals and other Medical Centres with the goal of:

  • Improving diagnostic and treatment measures
  • Meeting raised patient needs
  • Reducing costs

“Medical Centres” are well placed to realise these goals and to achieve long-term improvements in health care. They consist of treatment teams who form up “around the patients” and make efficient and effective use of the available resources. They do this by bundling expertise, creating functional units with standardised treatment processes and by bringing departments together to take advantage of synergies.

The interdisciplinary collaboration between the individual experts is co-ordinated by an inter-professional management team and is supported by an “intelligent IT system”, that reflects German standards for the individual processes.

Practical architectural design of the building, a practical structuring of consultation, treatment and function rooms have a positive effect on individual working and organisational processes and also optimise patient flow.

As part of a team of German doctors, academics, architects and economists, Gecko Consulting GmbH Aachen leads the way in designing, planning, establishing and operating Medical Centres abroad.

Dr. Jürgen Blume

Who are we and what can we do for you?

Gecko Consulting GmbH, “Concept Health” was established in Aachen by Dr. Jürgen Blume and a group of doctors in the early 1990s with the goal of analysing and improving organisational structures and working processes in Hospitals and Medical Centres.

In collaboration with the German government (Federal Ministry for Employment, Health and Social Affairs), the German Federal Association of Health Care Centres, various professional associations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the German Federal Association for Integrated Care, they developed organisational structures to put modern logistics in place in medical institutions.

Building on over 25 years of experience, we offer various services:

  • Medical and structural consulting
  • Demographic and marketing-related analyses
  • Business plans
  • Complete logistical and technical planning
  • Architecture
  • Medical and non-medical fittings

In addition to this, we have organised various ongoing training and professional development for foreign doctors, nurses and physiotherapists as well as special training courses and practical training units in surgical techniques and methods.

In order to consolidate what participants learn during training, we develop customised e-learning systems which are tailored to meet the relevant client’s needs and recruit German doctors and professors who are prepared to work abroad to support foreign doctors and to help to ensure that knowledge and procedures make their way from training into practice.

An electronic data management program will play a key role in the realisation of Medical Centres, in particular the organisational processes and individual work processes.

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  • First steps
  • Architecture
  • Equipment
  • Finance
  • Integrated Medicine

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  • German standards
  • Medical documentation
  • German doctors
  • Education in Germany
  • Blended learning

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