Implementation of the project

After the final determination of the details for the realisation of the project, the following steps are taken in close collaboration with the client’s nominated employee:


  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Planning and ordering equipment
  • Checking deliveries, commissioning
  • Preparing and adjusting clinical documentation system
  • Recruiting German doctors
  • Recruiting local staff
  • Employee training and professional development
Training in Germany – German doctors abroad

We aim to create bilateral scientific and technical co-operation with Medical Centres abroad and have already been able to secure the membership of specialist Centres and renowned universities in Germany in our association.

Gecko Consulting has a pool of doctors, professors, physiotherapists and nurses who are prepared to work abroad; they are also involved in the production of e-learning systems and teaching in Germany.

Foreign doctors and professionals can complete practical training and attend seminars and congresses in Germany and German specialists can offer presentations at the new Medical Centres and visit congresses abroad.

Training in surgical methods, operation of technical equipment and coaching in standardised working processes and organisational structures can be conducted in Germany.

High Quality Medical Documentation Program

In collaboration with our partners we offer a paperless administration system for Medical Centres. It is a user-friendly web-based program that is very easy to install.

The program plays a key role in the patient-oriented integrated care and organisational structure of the Centre. All data collected by treating doctors become available to all other doctors.

The program contains an electronic appointment calendar which allows all doctors’ appointments and all organisational processes to be recorded.

Patients’ demographic data can also be collected and clinical findings and prescribed treatment can be documented; the system also includes an integrated inventory management system.

If required, additional pathway system modules can be integrated.

This data system contains money values for all medical measures and allows automated invoicing for patients or insurers. Medical work such as tests, measurements, surgery and rehabilitation are automatically billed when documented. Statistics regarding costs, types of treatment, number of operations, material consumption, revenue and much more can be generated.

The program can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of any individual clinic and is available in various languages.


“Blended learning” – a convincing teaching method

Blended learning is a learning system which combines traditional teaching (lectures, presentations, discussions, personal attendance) with e-learning, electronic, self-directed study.

Using didactic explanations, images, videos, graphics and mini lectures (e-lectures) e-learning allows students to consolidate and repeat material online.

There is no time limitation on access, meaning that students can view and work through material at their leisure; students can listen to individual lecturers’ classes as often as they want.

They are also provided with opportunities to test themselves, for example in preparation for examinations.

Centre directors are also able to check on their employees’ knowledge.

Training: Nurses, operating theatre nurses and physiotherapists

Independent of the construction of new Medical Centres, Gecko Consulting offers the development of complete theoretical and practical training abroad.

Training as a qualified nurse is based on the German curriculum and the dual system in which the trainee completes practical placements during training. The training enables a nurse to support doctors and to care for patients.

Training as a surgical nurse is generally ongoing training undertaken by qualified nurses with the goal of treating the techniques and methodology required to assist in the operating theatre.

Training as a physiotherapist allows a person to practice physiotherapy to prevent and treat injury and to rehabilitate patients. Physiotherapy is useful in aiding development, to gain or regain motor function and to train replacement functions in cases of physical disability.

Training generally takes place in the client’s country and is based on the local legal and cultural requirements.

Training takes three years; however, thanks to the blended learning system (e-learning) it may be reduced to one and a half to two years based on existing knowledge and the specific requirements.