From idea to medical centre

We develop a customised plan for each project which is tailored to the customer’s needs and requests and takes legal and cultural aspects into account.

After clearly defining the goals and outlining the medical departments and the location of the Centre, the Gecko Consulting provides the following services, working closely with the project developer:

  • Concept development
  • Cost estimation
  • Building planning
  • Business plans
  • Producing timelines
  • Selecting equipment
  • Training plans for personnel

During the construction phase, a tailored e-learning program and a customised clinical documentation system will be developed.

When preparing these interdisciplinary competency centres, the architectural room planning is part of the overall concept. This requires a precise analysis of the patient flow which is carried out as part of a standardised procedure. It makes sense to involve experienced hospital construction specialists.

The Medical Centres are built according to German standards, to the extent that they are compatible with local legal or cultural aspects.

Fitting architecture – optimum working processes

We work with a well known group of architects from Düsseldorf who have been planning and building hospitals and medical centres across the world for the last 50 years. At the same time, we also have experience in collaborating with other architects from different countries. We are focused on providing high quality services which meet modern Hospital construction requirements and the latest hygiene regulations.

Through our experience and flexibility, we are able to factor our customers’ requests, as well as local cultural and legal peculiarities into our planning.

Gecko Consulting is focused on ensuring that the architectural plan meets medical requirements and promotes practical working processes and optimal patient treatment.

Costs estimations and business plans

As a first step, Gecko Consulting prepares a costs estimate for the entire project based on the defined goals and equipment. We base our estimate on an assumption that German or comparable technology that meets German standards will be used. After final decisions have been made regarding the overall planning, the medical departments and the size of the Medical Centre, we will provide a more precise costs estimate which includes the pre-operating costs, the costs for the overall fittings and equipment and the expected running costs. Calculations on the expected income depend on the patient fees and the expected number of patients per year; the business plan which estimate the costs is factored into provides an overview of the Centre’s projected profitability.

Integrated medicine: organisational reorientation

The basic idea behind this concept is to bring medical departments which were traditionally kept separate together to form competency centres in which doctors with different specialisations work together to treat patients.

The resulting synergies together with standardised diagnosis and treatment processes lead to improved patient treatment and to improved profitability for the Medical Centre.

Centres can be “system-based” (e.g. Pain Centres, Back Centres, Abdomen Centres), sickness-oriented (e.g. Diabetes Centres), organ-specific (e.g. Chest Centres, Lung Centres) or treatment-oriented (e.g. Surgical Centres).

They may operate as individual Centres or as part of a larger Centre or Hospital.

The following two Centres are examples of interdisciplinary collaboration:

“Abdomen Centre“ featuring gastroenterology, visceral surgery, urology and gynaecology departments

 “Back-leg Centre“ featuring orthopaedics, vascular surgery, foot surgery, neurology and rehabilitation departments

The work processes are carried out in an interdisciplinary environment in which the various specialists work in close collaboration.

This provides patients with holistic treatment of their complaints as well as optimal long-term care provided by multiple specialists in the case of chronic illnesses.

The electronic documentation of patient data offers special benefits: once patient information has been collected, it can be used in other departments by all other specialists treating the patient, meaning that any doctor within the Centre can access patient data at any time.

Latest technology for optimal treatment

Essentially, we offer German technology, machines and instruments in order to reach a German standard in diagnostics and therapy. This includes the idea to use minimal invasive methods (such as arthroscopic, laparoscopic and endovascular procedures in Orthopaedics, Surgery, Vascular surgery and Gynaecology) as much as possible, which decrease costs and increase comfort and benefit for the patients. Gecko consulting trains employees in all technical functions of the medical instruments and machines and in working processes and organisational structures. Based on the latest alteration in Hospital structure, the Medical Centres should have a relatively short stay-time for the in-patients as well as a Rehabilitation department. At first we suggest, negotiate and order the equipment, then arrange transportation and supervise the implementation.